• Whitewater sports


52 kilometers with 60 rapids.

The Ubaye lives and moves ! Sometimes raging, sometimes calm, it runs through gorges where it accelerates, then emerges and slows down, changing with the terrain. It invites you to join it on its aquatic dance through the valley.

The Ubaye is the last river with a complete natural flow its rapids are famous all across Europe.

Rafting is practiced on an unsinkable craft with 3 to 8 places specially designed for whitwater : the Raft. With a self-drainaing system, it does not fill with water. sitting on the edges of the boat, feet secured to purpose made straps; it is in complete safety that one will test the rapids of the Ubaye.

Equipped with paddles, the team of adventurers will follow the instructions of a guide to manoeuver the boat and to overcome obstacles and rapids. Often regarded as ideal for exploring the river, rafting is suitable for all - children and adults.

If you have never tried whitewater adventure, this is the ideal activity to discover river water sports.

Descent by raft from 38 €!

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Rafting Rafting
Nage en eau vive Whitewater swimming
Kayak Kayaking
Canyoning Canyoning
Baby raft Hot Dog

Whitewater sports

A multitude of water-based activities

52 kilometers with 60 rapids. Choose your craft and let yourself go in search of new experiences, pure...fresh... invigorating... following the tempo of the currents.

Each of the rapids has a name stranger than the one before:

Spring roll, Hollywood, Shark tooth, Main course, Splint, Drink break, Champagne, Pop-corn, washing machine, kitchen...


An original way to explore the gorges and canyons

A cross-between hiking, whitewater swimming, climbing and play, this discipline involves following the river by walking, swimming and sometimes by rope abseiling.

An original way to explore the gorges and canyons, descend the waterfalls, throw yourself into bassins or natural waterslides for a fun and amazing time.

Fun water hikes

Refreshing and inigorating family outing

A refreshing break to discover the aquatic environment of the Ubaye valley, the insects, fossils and animals, in a breathtaking location.

The pleasure of sliding under a waterfall or in a waterhole, during a fun outing discovering hidden and preserved places. The fun water hike makes for a fun, refreshing and inigorating family outing, discovering the fascinating environment of a mountain stream and natural observations near waterfalls.


The Ubaye is the most beautiful river to kayak

Kayakig is the most "technical" whitewater discipline, more unwieldy and more physical too. It requires a bit of practice before being tried independently on the river.

A wide variety of kayaks allows everyone to find, whatever their level, the craft to match their techniques and desires.


A thrilling sport

This is the most accessible individual activity and offers instant sensation.

Practicable all season, hydrospeed consists of descending the river using a foam board, similar to a real small craft, and a pair of flippers.

While surfing the waves, the adventurer will without doubt get splashed about! But do not panic the hydrospeed plays a real shield role due to its design, which guarantees protection from rocks or pebbles along the route, to ensure fun without taking risks.

Stand Up Paddling

Imporve your physical fitness

In a natural environment and through a surfing activity, Stand Up Paddle is an effective way to improve your fitness with exercices issued by Fitness, streengh training, muscle building...

From your position on the board, with balance and smoothness, Stand Up Paddle promotes proprioception work that multiplies the effectiveness of movements. Useful and enjoyable!

The Ubaye river

Sun, adrenaline, adventure and laughter: Throw yourself into the water!

The Ubaye River, the wild and mythical emblem of the French Alps, has given its name to the Valley. From its source at the Col du Longet, at 2655 meters above sea level, close to Mont Viso and the Italian border, it runs almost 80 km before emptying into Lake Serre-Ponçon whose waters flow into the Durance.

Preserved and mysterious, often considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, it offers a stretch of ten, class II, the easiest, to class VI, regarded as "insurmountable" descents over 50 kilometers between the Riou Sec, in the municipality of Saint-Paul sur Ubaye to Roche Rousse, at the entrance of Lake Serre-Ponçon.




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